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The Las Vegas Alternative to Nursing Homes, Institutions, and Assisted Living Facilities

For those of us charged with caring for our parents, being able to keep them in their own surroundings is paramount. Yet when it becomes apparent that mom or dad can no longer safely live at home alone it may seem as though institutional care is all that remains. Statistics show that once an elderly parent is removed from their home and placed in an institutional setting they quickly digress, not only mentally but emotionally. Having lost all that is familiar to them and every bit of independence it soon negatively affects their physical health as well. So what is an adult child to do in such circumstances when you are unable to stay with them full time? The answer is found in the compassionate care of the Arms of Angels.

Arms of Angels provide Las Vegas families an alternative to placing loved ones in an institutional care setting. Whether your loved one is in need of some light elderly care, 24 hour care, or in home health care, Arms of Angels can help. We provide senior care to individuals in their own homes which grant seniors the in home assisted living arrangement they need, while being able to remain comfortably in their own environment while being affordably within your budget.

Let Arms of Angels provide the assistance solution your parent needs to keep living and prospering. We furnish the respectful in home care solution that furnishes them the independence they need to continue to enjoy the privacy and security of their own home.




Guide For Seniors and Family Caregivers

Keep Mom Home
Guide for Seniors and Family Caregivers





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